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Jr. Patriots Football

Football Philosophy

Football can be a foundation for all aspects of life. It is important that coaches teach, instill, model, provide examples, and assess players to ensure fundamental growth. Many goals have been achieved during my 18-year career as a football coach but I want to provide more than just basic fundamental skills. My career in football began as a community coach and then expanded into a full time passion of developing young men. My experiences allowed me to grow andunderstand that players learn at different rates and with different learning styles. As a coach, it is important that I teach and develop my skill set to uplift and continue to grow in the game of football. I have observed ideal collaboration and partook in player development to include coaching clinics, prospect camps, football camps, training skill sets and Georgia High School Association coaching certification. As I develop in the game of football, it is my civic duty to develop coaches and players.

As a scholar athlete, I began to understand the importance of hard work, commitment and dedication. I decided I no longer wanted to assist, I wanted to facilitate. I believed that my experience and talent could be utilized in delivery of instruction and alternative behavior interventions, which began my quest to be a High School Teacher. As a Teacher, I can provide efficiency, reliability, strong behavioral management skills and content knowledge to enhance student learning. My experience with children in an educational setting provided me the opportunity to mature, communicate effectively, and improve organizational skills. My ability to utilize data to drive instructions and increase student achievement, assist in improving my delivery of standards. I am a life-long learner and I want to be the guide that leads my scholar athletes in the journey of life-long learning.

Resty Beadles - Former Football Director

Youth Football Alliance Mission

...To provide a positive, safe and wholesome environment for teaching our youth football and cheerleading athletes' fundamentals and life lessons through the challenge of competition, spirit of teamwork, the joy of victory, and the reality of defeat on and off the playing field...

Youth Football Alliance History

In 2006, a group of commissioners from several Georgia Parks and Recreation who wanted to create a youth football league that promoted good sportsmanship and a family atmosphere at all times. The initial set of commissioners consisted of College Park, Redan and Hapeville. The intent then as it is now was to cultivate a change in the way youth sports, particularly football is being orchestrated.

In 2007, the YFA league size grew in size as more football Associations joined the charge to change the face of youth football in metro Atlanta. At that time, the Youth Football Alliance (YFA) was officially established. In 2009, the YFA Cheerleading program was added. The YFA is committed to supporting life journeys for youth athletes from the ages of 5-14 through mental, physical, spiritual and social development. We strive to make the game fun and safe for everyone. Our goal is for players to develop a love for football and cheerleading in a healthy competitive spirit and discover skills necessary to excel both on and off the field.

In 2015, the YFA created a competitive division, the YFA Select League to serve the community across multiple counties. The league consists of no weight limit, age divisions 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 year.

The status of football regardless of playing level whether it's the National Football League, Colligate, High School or Youth Sports, safety is of utmost concern. The YFA is proactively infusing safety in game of youth football by joining USA Football and adopting the Heads Up program in 2015. We firmly believe in the health and well being of our young athletes.

"It's about the journey-mine and yours- and the lives we can touch, the legacy we can leave and the world we can change for the better"-Tony Dungy

Youth Football Alliance Vision

...Be the leader board in providing a Youth Football and Cheerleading Program that maintains the highest standards and provides an environment that cultivates and nurtures inspiration, motivation,and compassion in youth athletes...